Натурал ангел

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Angelus becomes known as the "one with the angelic face. Similarly, when fighting Faith, he is shown to be superior in combat, but his taunts send her into a rage which allows her to beat him back, although he still manages to beat her when she lets her guard down. Eventually, Angel was informed of Buffy's resurrection by and left immediately after to meet Buffy off-screen somewhere between Los Angeles and Sunnydale.

Натурал ангел

Натурал ангел

Читать мангу на русском Настоящий ангел (Natural Angel). Арай Киёко Новые главы

Натурал ангел

Ангелы. Что такое Ангелы. Материалы по теме Ангелы

Натурал ангел

Together, the trio worked together to solve paranormal mysteries in and around , during which time Cordelia and Angel forged a close friendship.

He had decided to bring Giles back to life.

That being said, my baby immediately began suffering from gas, beginning the first night in the hospital and continuing daily after that.

Ангелы-хранители. Что такое Ангелы-хранители. Материалы по теме Ангелы-хранители


After turning out wrong in his judgement and the archmage's criticism of Angel's selfish motivations, he somehow won him over and was able to use the magical artifacts.

It was at that point that he turned her into a vampire.

Натурал ангел

Despite the prospects of eternal happiness with Angel in the new paradise dimension, Buffy chooses to return upon witnessing her friends and family fighting the resulting demonic hordes.

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Angel initially brushed off her attempts to tell him how he felt over Buffy, but eventually told her how he thought he was betraying her by still exisiting.

Angel was guilty over unintentionally hurting her, but still believed he had done the right thing. He tracked down the blood at a demon auction, but just as they had managed to claim it, Angel's old associates and suddenly attacked.